I’m Joseph Morstad

 Movement Philosophy

I believe that we are designed to be strong and move comfortably. These qualities are necessary for optimal performance in our daily lives. Being able to move properly is key. As proper movement patterns are practiced the body will improve and will thrive.

Nutrition Philosophy

I do not prescribe 1 specific diet approach. Instead I search for “best practices” and go about that by reverse engineering what are bodies need to then find the best quality foods that will achieve that goal.

My Experience in Fitness & Health

  • 4 year high school varsity golfer
  • 4 year collegiate, Division I golfer
  • ISSA certified in 2005
  • Diagnosed with IBD (ulcerative colitis) in 2008
  • Sprint Triathlete participant, 2010 & 2011 TriRock San Diego
  • Functional Movement System (FMS) certified in 2011
  • Wrote “The IBD Fitness Solution”, 2012
  • Russian Kettlebell Challenge (RKC) Level 1 Instructor, 2012
  • Experienced first IBD related flare, 2012
  • Precision Nutrition certified coach, L1 in 2011, L2 in 2014
  • Spirituality, Health & Healing certification from San Diego State University, 2012

My Beliefs

I feel that these beliefs have helped me on my road to recovery with IBD – I think they can help others as well

  • believe in the body’s ability to recover and thrive
  • believe in the power of the mind
  • believe in practicing gratitude
  • believe in love – and including that in your fitness and nutrition
  • believe in practicing self-compassion and empathy

My Experience with IBD

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