Day 5 of IBD Awareness Week – Start with the Good

I understand your fears, worries, and anxiety towards food while you live with your IBD. My goal is to arm you in your journey and help strengthen your resolve as your find improved health through good nutrition.

Practicing good nutrition with IBD can be challenging, frustrating, and so difficult that we get to the point of wanting to give up, the point of “creative hopelessness” – when we hit the proverbial rock bottom.

This challenging moment can be a time of growth and opportunity. Simply reading this book means that change and improvement are on your horizon.

I assume that what you have tried and where you are at has not worked as well as you hoped.

This nutrition section will help you explore strategies and coping mechanisms that can help you approach nutrition from a more positive, less emotional starting point.  You’ll learn real-world, actionable, simple, and effective methods that anyone with IBD can do to help improve your current relationship with nutrition and most importantly, eat better!

Habit 20 – Start with the good

No matter what current state your nutrition might be in I’m willing to bet that at some point in your life you’ve done something healthy.

Before we consider change or adding habits I’d like for you to center yourself with the notion that you are already practicing good nutrition.

Good nutrition:

  • Properly controls energy balance.
  • Provides nutrient density.
  • Achieves health, body composition, and performance goals.
  • Is honest and outcome-based.

Maybe it wasn’t 100% of the time (insider secret – no one does that). Maybe you could have stayed on track just a little bit longer.

Wherever you might have been in the past I guarantee that there are positives to remember and times when you practiced some form of good nutrition.

So begin this section by taking a moment to mentally review the healthy habits that you have done – or are currently doing – that will continue to contribute towards improving your health and nutrition.

Could you do a little bit more of that one easy and helpful habit? What habit felt like it gave you the biggest “bang for your buck”?

Try this:

Just think about what has been – and/or is currently – working for you and see if you can do that a little more often.

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