Decide to be Confident

Jason Dufner won the PGA Championship on Sunday – his first major title.

Winning a major championship is not easy. There are only 4 chances each year and each tournament has the best players in the world competing for the championship.

Odds aren’t really in your favor…unless you believe that they are.

Jason Dufner entered the final round on Sunday trailing Jim Furyk by 1 stroke but he decided to be confident.

He was confident.

He won.

He decided that his best chance of succeeding and winning relied on believing in himself. Over the course of 18 holes he played steady and consistently made it look easy.

See how it turned out for Jason

So how can this help you improve your strength, nutrition, or anything else with your fitness?


Decide today – right now – that you are going to confidently change and go after your goal… and then begin by starting on the perceived easiest action that you feel confident you can complete.

  • Want to scale Mt. Everest? Start by walking up a flight a stairs
  • Want to earn one million dollars? Start by saving an extra $5 a week
  • Want to lose 30 lbs of body fat? Start by drinking more water

We want to find changes that are really¬†simple. It doesn’t need to be – and shouldn’t be – complex and confusing.

Jason Dufner hit fairways, hit greens, and made putts. He kept it simple. He stayed confident that he could be successful.

“Confidence” is the term we use to describe the extent to which a person feels able to change.

In the end Jason Dufner created the change that he was after and he won.

Things do not change. We change

— Henry David Thoreau, Walden

~With Strength & Nutrition

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