Mindset Habits to Improve

Relaxation • Empathy • Self-compassion • Stress Management Skills

Our lives are not so much what happens to us but how we react to life events. This is a much easier sentence to write than to live out fully through the ups and downs of a life with IBD. Yet, I believe (and many of the world’s smartest philosophers that I copy from) that when we begin a new anything our outlook and expectations have a strong impact on our success. Usually the obstacles we face become our greatest lessons. I hope to empower you with an improved mindset that will strengthen and allow you to undertake bigger goals throughout your life with IBD.

Nutrition Habits to Improve

Digestion • Nutrient Absorption • Gut Health • Body Composition • Overall Well-being

I do not prescribe 1 specific diet approach. Instead, I search for “best practices” and go about that by reverse engineering what are bodies need to then find the best quality foods that will achieve that goal. The online coaching software we use (ProCoach® by Precision Nutrition) has helped literally over 45,000 people overcome their challenges, fears, and self-doubts.

We’ll practice 1 habit for 2 weeks. You’ll receive helpful, short, and easy lessons to follow that support your success with each habit. Learn more here.

Movement Habits to Improve

How you move • Self-confidence • Strength • Endurance • Freedom to Live

I believe that we are designed to be strong, efficient, and move comfortably. These qualities are necessary for basic functioning throughout our daily lives. Being able to move properly is key. As better movement is practiced your body will improve. The more movement you can do the stronger you’ll become. Your stronger body becomes a healthier and happier body.

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