Mindset Habit #1: Find Time

Find time to read this book.

Many of the greatest pleasures and healthiest habits we can practice require chunks of time set aside to simply let thatevent or moment unfold.

If you cannot find time to sit down at dinner with your family you are not allowing for those special, funny moments to spontaneously happen.

If you cannot find time to practice a healthy strength or nutrition habit it doesn’t matter how perfect or correct that habit might be for you.

Your habit to focus on is to simply find time today.

Here’s an example:

Look at whatever scheduling system you use and see where, when, how you could easily set aside 5 minutes to simply read the rest of this book over the next few days or week.

Bonus info:

After you finish reading this book pick another habit (just 1) that you could easily include in your daily life. Hint, there are 52 to pick from in this book.

Rinse and repeat until you’ve done everything in this book – or you’ve achieved your movement and nutrition goals.

Write in this book, make notes, use it as a journal. Bring these habits to life through your daily actions.

Try this:

Schedule 5 minutes each day to read this book and/or practice 1 of your favorite habits from this book.

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