Mindset Habit #10: Find Your Superpowers

The following chart is from Precision Nutrition. Use it to discover how you like to learn, how that can help you feel better, and how that lets you discover your superpowers! [6]

To learn best, you like to… Your superpower type is… Which means you kick ass at…

Move around and do stuff





Control and coordination of one’s body; physical performance and movement; manipulating objects and working with one’s hands
Reflect on large questions or phenomena (e.g. “What is the meaning of life?”)  



Considering deeper meanings; values and principles; one’s purpose and place in the world

Solve problems, judge and evaluate scenarios, use abstract reasoning, calculate  



Logic; abstraction; numbers and calculation; critical thinking and “objective” reasoning


Listen or create sounds and rhythms (e.g. little memorization rhymes)  



Awareness of rhythms, tones, music, and sounds (including language)



Interact with your environment



Awareness of one’s relationship to one’s surroundings, especially the natural world



Reflect and self-question




Introspection and self-reflection; understanding one’s own inner world



Interact with others



Relationships, social interaction, understanding other people and interpreting their signals, moods, psychological states, and motivations

Talk, write, and read




Written or spoken language; reading and writing; telling stories; discussing and debating


See things or make visual materials (such as models or drawings)  


Imagining and visualization, solving puzzles, seeing and manipulating things in three dimensions

Remember, people are usually a combination of several superpowers. Most people fall into multiple categories.

Try this:

Review the above info – notice what superpowers resonate with you. See if you can live them just a little bit more today. Try this habit for the next 3-7 days.

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