Mindset Habit #18: Be Nice(r) to Yourself

Being nice to others (aka politeness) can be easy. Treating ourselves with that same quality can be sneaky tough sometimes. For some reason it can be too easy to be our own worst critic. So just play around with this habit today.

See what it feels like to be a little nicer to yourself. You can write down your positive qualities if that helps.

  • “I like to help people”
  • “I’m pretty good at Jeopardy”
  • “I’m a good friend”

Start small if you’re having a tough time coming up with anything. You can call yourself and leave a voice message saying nice things. You can write yourself a letter and actually mail it.

If this is a difficult habit to practice start off with saying one nice thing to yourself.  You could even borrow this one from me if you need help getting started:

“I’m doing something to help improve my life with IBD right now by reading this book and that’s nice.”

Try this:

Come up with at least 10 nice things about yourself. It can be personality traits, actions, even nice thoughts. Write them down. Keep them where you can easily see them.

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