Mindset Habit #19: Practice more OBDM

Outcome-based decision making (OBDM) is deciding how to proceed based on real, measurable results. A good way to test for this is by asking, “how’s that working for me?”

“That” could be practically anything.

  • “How’s not taking my medication and eating greasy fast food working for me?

(I’m going to guess probably not well.)

  • “How’s getting plenty of rest, moving daily, and focusing on healthy eating habits working for me?”

            (I’m going to guess probably very well.)

Asking the above question creates healthy self-evaluation and that helps you to:

  • think about what really matters to you, and prioritize
  • be honest with yourself
  • test outcomes against results (aka outcome-based decision making)
  • become aware of what you’re doing, and how well
  • decide what measures of “success” are relevant
  • identify the critical variables that make something possible
  • identify limiting factors holding you back
  • observe, analyze, and intelligently interpret your experiences

Using an outcome-based decision-making approach to feeling better with IBD can help to reduce the emotional highs and lows that can result in overreactions or impulsive behaviors that are counterproductive to improving your health.

Using a more outcome-based decision-making approach just feels easier (in my opinion). And making life easier with IBD feels like a great accomplishment.

Try this:

Review your definition of success with your IBD and a goal linked to that definition. Now, think about what you are doing to improve on that goal. Ask, “how’s that working for me?” Without judgment, sit with and accept the answer you discover today. 

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