Mindset Habit #4: Clarify Your Values and Priorities

Answer the following phrases:

I’m the kind of person who…

(i.e. enjoys eating healthy foods)

And it’s important to me that….

(i.e. I find foods of high quality that are nutritious and easily digestible for me)

So I’d feel good about accomplishing…

(i.e. healthy habits daily that are within my control and help improve my health)

A completed example for this habit could look like this:

“I’m the kind of person who values my health and it’s important to me that I practice habits that help me feel better emotionally so I’d feel good about accomplishing goals that previously felt out of reach.”

Notice what kind of responses you wrote down.

  • What values do you see?
  • What is important and a priority for you?
  • Are you living these values and priorities right now?
  • Could you live them just a little more today and tomorrow?
  • What would your life with IBD look like if you did?

Bonus idea: write down your completed sentence and place it where you’ll see it daily!

Try this:

Share your answers with someone that supports you.

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