Movement Habit #49: Core exercises with IBD


From your back Focus on
1. Deadbug

(3-5 per side)

Arms point to the sky, knees are both in 90 degrees with feet off the ground. Reach left arm as your extend right leg – keep lower back pushed into ground during movement. Repeat other side
2. Reverse / Hollow Plank

(hold up to 15 seconds)

From Deadbug position – strongly press lower back into ground, engaging core muscles. Lift shoulder blades off ground. From here, slowly extend hands overhead and reach feet away from starting position. Inhale through nose, strong exhale from mouth
3. Assisted Leg Lower

(3-5 per leg)

Use a band, rope, or towel around foot to assist raising leg and holding it in place and relaxed. Work to raise the other leg to the level of the assisted leg. Slowly lower working leg while keeping toes up. Keep lower back pressed into ground throughout movement. Repeat on other leg
4. TGUP to elbow

(3-5 per side)

Moving to the left – drive right heel and left forearm firmly into ground simultaneously. Keeping hips on the ground, come up to a modified side plank with smooth left shoulder. Lower back to starting position under control. Repeat other side
Face down/prone Focus on
5. Sphinx pose

(5-10 reps, 1 sec pause at top)

With both forearms wider than shoulder width and slightly forward – and while keeping hips gently pressed into ground – press forearms into ground until chest comes off the ground. Press core into ground throughout.
6. Planks

(hold up to 30 seconds)

With elbows underneath shoulder press forearms down into ground lifting your torso. You can start with knees on the ground. Keep glutes and legs flexed during exercise. Breathe strongly. Dig elbows down towards feet.
7. Elbow taps

(3-5 per side)

From top of pushup position with feet wider than shoulder width and hands close together, slowly touch left elbow with right hand. Focus on not moving, rotating torso during movement. Alternate left and right hands.
8. Crawling in place

(move up to 30 seconds)

From a “hands and knee” starting position, with hands under shoulders and knees under hips, brace your core then slowly lift right hand from ground as your lift left knee from ground. Avoid excessive twisting and focus on maintaining balance and control throughout exercise.
Moving/Transitioning Focus on
9. Shoulder “walks”

(move up to 30 seconds)

Think “side bend” as you bend to the right, lifting your left shoulder blade off the ground. Extend left shoulder, reach and pull with left shoulder to move your body a few inches along the ground. Repeat on other side.
10. Butt “walks”

(3-5 per side)

Sitting on ground with legs extended, shift weight onto left glute to allow right glute/hip to come off ground. Reach right leg forward and pull with right glute as your shift weight onto right side. Side bend as necessary to help with movement. Maintain balance and control during exercise
11. “Hovers”

(3-5 per side)

From open ½ kneeling position perform a “hip hinge” – shifting weight into the down hip. Inhale and brace while keeping torso rigid and strong. Your down hand will be able to “hover” just a few inches off the ground.

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