Movement Habit #51: IBD Strength Flow

Workout 1
I. Mobility    [A – D = 1 round. Perform 2-5 rounds]
A. Side to side rolls – in one piece, smoothly roll from right to left side. 3-5 / side
B. 90/90 seated flow – from starting position move from right to left leg in front. 30 secs
C. Bird-dogs – extend right arm and left leg at the same time. Switch sides. 5/ side
D. “Hovers”– focus on hip hinge and keeping your torso strong. 3-5 / side
II. Core Strength    [A – B = 1 round. Perform 2-3 rounds]
A. Reverse Planks – from Deadbug starting position, extend arms and legs while keeping lower back pressed into the ground. 10-20 seconds
B. ½ Kneeling Halos – hold a light weight at eye level and slowly trace a halo. 3-5 / side / leg
III. Full Body Strength    [A – C = 1 round. Perform 2-5 rounds]
A. ISO pushup hold w/ knee tuck – stay strong through torso while holding top of pushup movement, slowly drive right knee towards right elbow, keep lower back “flat”, not rounded. 3-10 reps / leg
B. Tall Kneeling Hip Hinge – with both knees on the ground and under hips and not rounding lower back extend hips back, reverse movement by squeezing glutes as you return to starting position. 10-20 reps
C. Deadbug – from back, keeping lower back pressed into the ground, reach right arm and left leg. Repeat other limbs. Perform 3-5 reps / side
Workout 2
I. Mobility    [A-D = 1 round. Perform 2-5 rounds]
A. Ankle mobility drills –  perform mobility drills for 30 seconds on each foot
B. Dracula/Supermans – while standing, alternate between Dracula to Superman for 30 -60 seconds
C. ½ Kneeling eye drills – maintain balance, keep eyes fixed on small object 15 feet away, make small head rotations. 5 to each side, 5 up and down. 20 total. Repeat on other knee.
D. Glute bridges – from your back with feet shoulder width and knees about 45 degrees firmly push feet into ground to bring your hips up off the ground. Squeeze glutes at the top. Repeat for 10-15 reps
II. Core Strength    [A-B = 1 round. Perform 2-3 rounds]
A. Assisted Leg Lowers –  from your back bring both legs up off floor, bottom of feet will point to the sky. Using a wall, band, or friend to help keep one leg up and relaxed, slowly lower the working leg. Press lower back down into floor during each rep. Repeat on other leg. Perform 5-10 leg lowers per leg. 
B. Getup to Elbow – From your back, as your roll to left side use your left elbow to push down into the ground to help prop your torso off the ground. Hips stay on the ground. Repeat for 3-5 per side.
III. Full Body Strength    [A – C = 1 round. Perform 2-5 rounds]
A. Lying Lat ISO – from your back, with arms straight, palms down on the floor and near hips press palms and forearms firmly into the ground. Maintain strong pressure into ground for 10-15 seconds with strong breathing. Focus on your back, rear shoulder muscles engaging throughout this exercise.    
B. ½ Kneeling to Stand – from mobility ½ kneeling starting position drive front and back feet down through the floor to raise body into standing position. Slowly lower yourself back into starting position. 5-10 reps per leg
C. Crawling – From a “hands and knee” starting position, with hands under shoulders and knees under hips, brace your core then slowly lift right hand from ground as your lift left knee from ground. Avoid excessive twisting and focus on maintaining balance and control throughout exercise.Crawl for distance in 20 – 30 seconds.

Try this:

Goal is to perform Workout 1 and Workout 2 at least once each per week. Try to alternate each workout every other day for 6 total workouts in 1 week…rest on the 7th day.

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