Nutrition Habit #33: Up Your Average 5

Ever hear the saying “you’re the average of the 5 people you are around the most”?

Basically, if your 5 closest friends or family members or co-workers are all physically active, healthy eaters, fairly well-adjusted and generally happy people then you’ll probably be that way as well.

On the other hand, if your 5 people aren’t happy and supportive then you’ll have a little more work to do with this habit. It’s helpful to understand that this habit can be flat out emotional and potentially difficult to implement. Especially if you notice that you just thought of 3-5 people right off the top of your head that aren’t on the helpful side.

Are the people closest to you supportive? Are the people around you lifting you up and helping you to feel better? Awesome! Be around them as much as possible.

You do not need to go about changing any of these people in your circle. Simply be aware that your external social environment has an impact on you. We want that impact to be healthy and positive.

Maybe you can be the example of health and strength for your closest 5 and help raise their standards?

Try this:

  1. Simply notice if people around you are helping you get closer to your goals.
  2. Appreciate the ones that are and do what you can to spend as much time with them.
  3. Complete the Social Questionnaire for more guidance if needed.
  4. If there are a few that might not be the most supportive do what is in your best interest of health and wellness to find the social support that you need and deserve.

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