Nutrition Habit #41: Better Foods for Better Information

What if there were no “good foods” or “bad foods”? What if we reconsider foods as “information”?

Some foods provide information that gives positive feedback and makes us feel better. Some foods do the opposite and make us feel worse. Using this approach can help us have better options and approaches towards food and help improve our nutrition.

Taking this idea one step further means that we simply look to make better food choices. What we eat is not a “right or wrong”, 50/50 choice now. Instead, we look for the slight improvement.  

A practical way to incorporate this into a habit is to replace instead of eliminate something that you are already doing.  A quick way to do that with food is to continue eating your usual food choices.

However, replace that lesser quality food with something a little healthier. What does that look like?

While it’s sound advice, it is really hard to go from eating McDonald’s egg Mcmuffins five times a week to only eating organic vegetables and egg whites!

Incorporate Habit 35 (learn to cook 1 meal) and use that in conjunction with this habit. You could still eat that breakfast sandwich- just make it yourself and use better quality ingredients now. Avoid the processed meats or suspect quality fake cheeses and breads that fast food chains probably use.

Instead, find a local butcher that offers organic turkey and/or grass-fed meats with cheeses from grass-fed cows (a much healthier option).

So in the end you aren’t eliminating the breakfast sandwich. You are replacing it with a healthier – and probably tastier – version. 

Try this:

The main idea here is that you do not have to stop eating what you normally eat…instead simply focus on ways to improve what you are eating.

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