Nutrition Habit #43: Take a “Nutrition News” Vacation

Ever notice that those magazines at the grocery store checkout stands seem to find a new “superfood” almost every month?

Or that they somehow discovered another 17 new ways to “blast your butt and bicep muscles”?

Ever take a second to think twice and consider how – or where – they come up with this new information every single month?

In general, most magazines are rehashing basic nutrition and exercise information that experts have been aware of for years. The magazines are in the business of selling magazines – not necessarily providing you the most detailed and accurate information available.19

Magazines and news shows basically take one talking-point from a study about a headline worthy topic and run with it. One month something as arbitrary as “Vitamin C is the best thing in the world” turns into “Vitamin C is to be avoided like the plague”.

Controversial, yes. Confusing, yes. And that is what keeps people guessing, frustrated, and constantly searching for the next big secret to health and fitness.

Try this:

I recommend taking a break from all this hype! At least try it out for 1 day in the beginning. See if you can work up to 1 or 2 weeks and see how things go. If you can go cold-turkey and eliminate all the “news websites” and avoid reading the magazine ads that are designed to get you questioning and doubting yourself things might feel less confusing and frustrating.

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