Online Coaching: Fitness 2.0

Are you using an old model to get fit?

Fitness 1.0 is no longer the most effective way to get fit because it is:

  • Exclusionary
  • Expensive
  • High financial and psychological barriers to entry
  • Mandatory to join a gym/hire a personal trainer
  • Difficult to know how to use gym equipment
  • High cost of hiring a personal trainer (3 sessions/week = +$1,000/month)
  • No guarantee of trainer’s qualifications
  • Personal training only offers exercise advice
  • Nutrition, stress management, recovery, sleep, etc usually never covered
  • Individual’s compliance usually main issue of success

See the Advantages of Fitness 2.0 !!

Fitness 2.0 will help you achieve your goals sooner and easier because it is:

  • Web-enabled
  • Geographically independent
  • Data driven
  • Expert driven
  • Affordable
  • Anonymous
  • Gym independent
  • Fully integrated

Fitness 2.0 solves the problems of:

  1. Time
  2. Money
  3. Distance
  4. Ability to commit / Compliance

Come experience a new way to move, feel, and live better with my online coaching program, gentle strength.

100 percent money back guarantee-no questions asked

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