RKC and IBD: 11 Days

Quick Workout – August 15, 2012

Today was another really good day. Started with a fun training session at 9am with a new client. Got her to improve her swing technique and really finished her workout on a high note.

Had a few more training sessions in the afternoon. For a second I¬†thought I wouldn’t be able to get any training in today because I had to run some errands then swing by my parent’s house for dinner.

I realized that I could stop off at the park on the way to my parent’s house for a few hill sprints. Then I figured that if I could do some hill sprints then I could do some kettlebell swings. If I had time for some kettlebell swings then I could fit in some kettlebell snatches.

So I did.

In 15 minutes I got a decent workout in:

  • 2-3 minutes of mobility work/warmup
  • 10 swings – 24kg bell
  • 10/10 snatches – 24kg bell
  • 10/10 snatches – 24kg bell
  • 3 progressively faster hill sprints – 50 yards
  • 10/10 snatches – 24 kg bell

That’s one of the best things I enjoy about working with kettlebells – I can get in a workout practically anywhere.

There really are no excuses when it comes to doing something that will get you closer to your fitness goals.

Get started today.

~With Strength and Nutrition

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