RKC and IBD: 16 Days

2 Weeks – August 10, 20121

2 Weeks from now I’ll be at the first day of the RKC! I’m very excited and plan to really improve between now and then with my snatch technique.

I realized on the way to my training today that this would be the 5th straight day of training for me.

Am I overtrained?

Aren’t I supposed to be really sore and miserable by now?

Nope – I feel great!

I know that I have really put in some good effort this week – and have made some solid improvements that I can build upon.

Today’s group class was a lot of fun too. We nailed some solid goblet squats, ring pushups, and a medicine ball tosses.

And I was actually able to nail more muscle ups on the rings today too! 3 sets of 2 reps each!

Felt really happy with that – and a little addicted to doing more of them now to be honest.

Maybe that is the best part of this entire strength journey to my RKC…the more weight I use, the more reps I get in a snatch test, the more I improve on a lift…the more I want to do. And the more I want to do, the more I want to learn. The more I want to learn the more I want to pass along this information to my clients and anyone interested in getting better and stronger.

It sounds like a wonderful situation to me.

~With Strength and Nutrition

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