Roll, Rock, & Crawl

Has your training routine hit a plateau? Are you frustrated that you don’t move well and want to find something to kick-start your training and help you feel, move, and perform better?

Many people think that they need the “newest and most advanced” training methods around. They want the secret, hardcore stuff that is saved for professional athletes and Navy Seals. Here it is…

start rolling, rocking, and crawling around like you are a little kid! (take a moment to let the complexity to wash over you)

But in all seriousness, being able to properly control your body in these three movement patterns opens up a whole world of physical capabilities and coordination that truly will improve how you use your body.

So hit the floor and let’s get moving like a baby!


In “Becoming Bulletproof” Time Anderson and Mike McNiff describe rolling  as, “simply the act of lying on the floor and transitioning from your belly to your back and from your back to your belly.”

Ok, pretty simple right? But take a second to try it.

Lie on your back with legs straight and both arms extended straight overhead. Using your head, neck, and right arm, reach across your upper body until your begin to roll onto your belly. Resist the temptation to use your legs to help. Now from your belly simply reverse this rolling pattern until you are lying on your back again.

Next try this same pattern using only your leg. Keep your upper body relaxed as you reach your leg across. Notice the connected feeling you get around your core muscles. The stretch and pull as you begin to integrate your upper and lower body through the core.

In Easy Strength, Dan John and Pavel compare the core to the transmission of a car. It doesn’t so much produce power as it transmits power from the upper and lower body. Keep this image in mind as you continue to move in this new movement pattern.

It may feel oddly familiar – because it is!  This is how we all learned to move as babies. We were placed on our backs and allowed to explore our world from this position. Soon we developed the ability to roll from our back to our belly. Rediscover this ability as an adult and see exercise from a whole new perspective.




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