Mindset Habit #3: Practice Self-Compassion

There are several research studies showing the benefits of self-compassion, defined as a mindful awareness of oneself, which involves treating oneself kindly and understanding oneself during difficult and challenging times by realizing that such experiences are common amongst all humans. The idea these studies support is if I’m simply a […]

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Day 4 of IBD Awareness Week – Mindset with IBD

After my diagnosis with ulcerative colitis in 2008 I felt a lot of different emotions that I didn’t know how to properly manage. Feelings of anger, confusion, sadness, frustration, guilt, and shame made living a full life difficult. I knew that I wanted to live a fuller life and that […]

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Self-Compassion drill

1 Minute to Self-Compassion

I’m over 3 months into the Level 2 nutrition coaching course from Precision Nutrition and we have not discussed a protein, carb, or fat yet! We have discussed topics like behavior awareness, mindfulness, and more recently self-compassion. Seems a little different, right. But different by design. How many times have you […]

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