People I’ve been lucky to have worked with

“From crawling around the gym to a triathlon. Thank you Joey. I could not have done it without your help brother.”

“I mentored with Joey for the inaugural Team Challenge triathlon season and had a blast with him and the rest of the team! The ideas that Joey presents and explores in his book are ideas that are definitely beneficial for anyone who wants to increase their own vitality and decrease the stress and embarrassment of living with IBD. Crohn’s and colitis do not have to be a burden – Joey’s research and proven success in his own life drive that idea home, and this book will definitely encourage you to explore your own potential in living beyond IBD.”

Caitlyn P on The IBD Fitness Solution book

“Joseph’s background in personal training and nutrition was a tremendous resource for the first Team Challenge San Diego Triathlon Team as we spent 16 weeks together training for a triathlon. Here he writes with a depth of knowledge and understanding that will serve anyone with IBD/Ulcerative Colitis well. He has presented here a plan, a guide book really, to help direct you to a healthier and happier life while coping with the disease. Because this comes not only from his training in nutrition and exercise but also from his real life experiences and his passion for good health, this book will give you not only tools but also hope for what you can do in spite of what UC throws at you.”

Skip S. on the IBD Fitness Solution book

“I have known Joey for about 13 years. We started working out together casually about 7 or 8 years ago when we both lived in the same area. Joey has since moved to San Diego. For the last 3 years or so he has been writing programs for me about every 8-10 weeks. I have a lean frame and have always wanted to bulk up, with Joey’s help with working out and nutrition I have put on a solid 10-15 pounds of lean muscle. I am currently 5’10” 175 pounds. Much more weight on my frame begins to look a little funny, so I have focused my goals now on getting stronger and more athletic. The programs that Joey creates for me continue to challenge my body in so many ways that I cannot imagine a time where I may reach a plateau. I recommend Joeys help both physically (strength) and mentally (nutrition) as he has had to deal with a lot more than most. His passion is second to none and as long as we remain friends I have no desire to search for advice from anyone else.” Jason L.

“To anybody interested in beginning the journey towards health and total body fitness I would whole-heartedly recommend Joey Morstad’s training program. From experience I can tell you that Joey is a phenomenal trainer who specializes in creating personalized training programs for each of his clients’ specific needs. He helped me get to the bottom of my struggles by working with me to build a foundation for personal wellness and ultimate success in the gym.  I couldn’t be more grateful.”

Leila P.

Joan’s improvement at Strength and Nutrition’s Outdoor Group Training

Current Outdoor Fitness Camp member Joan talking about her improvements

Maryann talking about how the class is helping improve her running and biking.

My Mom has good things to say about the class! Slimmer, stronger, and can pick up the kettlebells easier – Nice going Mom!