Back in September 2011 I completed my first sprint triathlon – the TriRock San Diego. I had the privelege of being interviewed by to discuss my journey from my diagnosis to a triathlon. At the time I was three years removed from my ulcerative colitis diagnosis. Prior to race day I began a four month training program with Team Challenge San Diego. I was apprehensive about how I would manage the preparation. Would I have a flare or get sick again?…would a triathlon be too much for me to handle?…and a number of other concerns that popped in and out of my head.

Looking back the triathlon was the easy part. Overcoming my fears about doing something new ended up being my biggest obstacle. Once I overcame my own self-limiting beliefs everything else was a breeze.

I signed up to compete in TriRock 2012. I am again training and mentoring with Team Challenge San Diego and I cannot wait to begin all the fun!

Scheduling an event on your calendar makes you fully commit. You begin training instead of simply working out here and there.

Find an event and get started!

~With Strength & Nutrition

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