Update: Precision Nutrition Level 2 certified coach!!





Coaching isn’t about how much you know.
Or how many letters are after your name.

It’s how well you can communicate. Connect. Care.
Build trust. Learn. Observe. Guide and teach.

Help people navigate their priorities, values,
and messy real lives.

It’s how well you can coach.
To help rebuild bodies and spirits. To heal and empower.

To coach elite athletes to top performance…
or just help “real people” be a little bit better.

Want to become a coach? We’ll teach you.
Want to coach better? We’ll teach you that too.

Want to be among the best coaches in the world?
The sky’s the limit.

Welcome to the program that’ll transform your coaching forever.

This is what greeted me on page 1 of the new Precision Nutrition Level 2 Master Class syllabus. And after a year long online course filled with daily lessons, over 20 case studies, multiple research articles and papers to read, and weekly check-ins with some great coaches Precision Nutrition delivered above and beyond my greatest expectations!

I’ve been a Precision Nutrition Level 1 certified coach for a few years now and felt that I learned a lot from that course. It really helped give me a great foundation to build my nutrition coaching practice. I had been reading articles and following the Precision Nutrition approach even before I took the Level 1 certification. And even before Dr. John Berardi (one of the founders of PN) received his PhD I somehow stumbled upon his cool website www.sciencelink.com and was lucky to enjoy his insight and commonsense approach to exercise nutrition.

With all that background and fandom to the Precision Nutrition brand I figured that this Level 2 course would just give me a bit extra coaching information. I thought it’d be a cool program to try and that I’d be reminded of neat info that I already kinda knew.

Yeah, I’m very happy to admit just how wrong I was.

Saying that Precision Nutrition upheld it’s promise is an understatement.

Have I become a better coach? Yes

But beyond that I have become a better person.

Participating in a year long nutrition course that honestly didn’t really talk all that much about proteins, carbs, or fats but instead focused on empathy, listening, and compassion will do that to a person.

“No matter whether you’re a fitness trainer, a nutritionist, or another kind of health care provider, you’ll be able to coach confidently and competently, helping your clients make important — possibly even lifesaving — changes to their health, wellness, and athletic performance.”


The greatest impact that this course will have is not what it has done to help change/improve me. My hope is that this course will flow into my coaching practice for others living with IBD. Living with IBD is very rarely about “yes or no” answers because living with IBD is a constant adjustment to different options and possibilities. Heck, nutrition on its own can already be confusing enough. This stuff doesn’t quite fit into “yes or no” boxes. And those with IBD need a coach that understands – and welcomes – that challenge.

That is why learning the Precision Nutrition approach has been such a powerful experience for me…and why I’m so excited to bring my coaching skills to the IBD community.

“Getting the “exact right answer” is often less relevant than developing an appropriate, thoughtful, and transparent process of “figuring things out”, as well as a set of strategies that suit your own unique coaching style and orientation.” 


Improving your life, your nutrition, and your fitness with IBD is possible. I don’t have all the answers (and maybe just as many questions as you do) but together we can find real-world, practical, evidence-based habits and skills to practice to help make life better with IBD.

You have my promise as your coach to help you find the way!

~With Strength & Nutrition

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