Birthday Gratitude

gratefulToday is my 35th birthday. I wanted to send myself a present. I thought coming up with a list of 35 things I’m grateful for and appreciate would be a good start.

(in no particular order)
  1. being born
  2. my mom and dad, see #1
  3. having the time and energy to sit at a coffee shop this morning to write this
  4. coffee, and being able to enjoy it
  5. that my brothers are also my friends
  6. that some friends feel like family
  7. laughing
  8. being able to laugh at myself, see #5
  9. my health and eating good foods
  10. all my friends and connections I’ve made by having IBD
  11. having IBD (because it gives me the chance to appreciate the small things)
  12. love
  13. a few hundred years ago someone in Russia put a handle on a cannonball and invented the kettlebell
  14. other people that have taught me how to lift, swing, and move kettlebells
  15. Ambition Athletics (see #14)
  16. RKC
  17. that I can eat – and enjoy – salads (see #11)
  18. sunny days
  19. the beach
  20. playing golf with my dad and brothers
  21. curiosity
  22. the ability to always learn and grow
  23. genuine smiles, beauty
  24. growing up in San Diego (see #18)
  25. living, going to college in the Bay Area
  26. the chance to live in New York City
  27. running hill sprints
  28. still being able to hit a 300 yard drive
  29. the engineers/smart people that design golf balls, drivers that make it easier to hit 300 yard drives
  30. handstands (see #15)
  31. being able to think without worry
  32. meditation
  33. Little Italy farmers market
  34. Mexican food
  35. finding beauty in small things

Hope you have a great day today and that this post helped contribute to that somehow.

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