Exercise and IBD #1: The Plank

A strongly performed plank exercise helps to challenge the abdominal/core muscles while integrating your lats (big back muscles) and glutes (your butt).

When you can easily control and integrate those three areas of your body you’ll see overall movement and strength increase. This can help you move better with IBD.

Recently, I’ve been interviewed on a few podcasts about IBD fitness and wanted to create these videos to help breakdown the plank with a focus on:

  • showing easier variations of the plank
  • the value and importance of strong breathing
  • adapting the exercise to your goals (duration & effort)
  • other safe, simple moves that will help your plank improve

I’ve used this approach to help others recover lost strength and improve movement. I hope that these ideas can help you begin to move better with IBD.

All the best!

Joseph Morstad

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