Expectations vs. Reality with Ulcerative Colitis

“You’re not always going to have great training days. Life is filled with distractions, and you’re going to get stressed out. Combine that with a bad night’s sleep or a lack of food, and you’re looking at a lot of things that can potentially go wrong. The bottom line here is that you’re not going to have great days all the time. When this happens, I recommend going into the weight room with one purpose: getting your prescribed weights and leaving. The weights may feel heavy, but every part of this program is designed to build onto every other part – from one workout to the next, and one wave to the next. This week of 3×5 will earn you the right to move on to the next 3×5 week of the next wave.”  ~Jim Wendler

Did you ever think that you would read such appropriate advice for training with IBD from such an incredibly strong powerlifter? Jim Wendler, author and creator of 5/3/1,  played collegiate football at the University of Arizona and has squatted 1000lbs in competition. His advice on “having a less than stellar day” is very appropriate for anyone with IBD. Read on to see how you can apply it to your own IBD training program today.

From The IBD Fitness Solution:

Life can throw us all curveballs from time to time. And it seems these can conspire against us to derail our progress in the gym most of all! Don’t let these little things get in your way or bring you down. If you aren’t having the best day, simply do whatever you can to make it to the gym … sometimes simply being in the gym is a huge accomplishment. Do what you can once at the gym. Take extra time to warm up if needed. Use longer rest periods between sets if it will help you recover. Give your full focus on getting through the prescribed sets and reps for the main lift that day (i.e., the shoulder press, rack pull, bench press, and front squat to box). You willl feel a sense of accomplishment and pride after finishing. You can continue on to the assistance exercises if you still feel up to it. If not you have earned the right to leave the gym knowing that you faced and conquered the day’s challenge. Hold your head high for this accomplishment – it will belong to you forever!

~With Strength and Nutrition

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