Habit #24: How to Make it a Habit

Having good information is only the start towards change. While I provide you with 52 habits to practice to feel better with IBD, I must provide you with a habit that explains the framework on how to make anything a habit.

Enter the habit of how to make it a habit (excerpt from Precision Nutrition).

  1. Start with awesome – what are you already doing well? What do you already like to do and can do it well? Do more of what those answers are.
  2. Allow yourself to choose the direction – remember that you can say “no” if you know that something might not be the best for you. Remember, notice and name? Notice what feels best for you at this moment. Go in that direction.
  3. Set the right kind of goal – think of a behavior that you can control not an outcome that you hope to happen. Review Habit 21 for help.
  4. Break the goal down – keep shrinking the actual behavior/habit into smaller and smaller parts until it feels simple, almost too easy, to where you can say “yeah, I can totally do that!”
  5. Choose ONE small piece – pick one habit, thought, or action to focus on until it feels natural and effortless.
  6. Shrink the task even further – can you shrink the actual task even more? Small, almost seemingly inconsequential habits, actually performed are ultimately much more beneficial that bigger habits left undone.
  7. Confirm the fit – how are you feeling with the habit/goal/plan you have in front of you right now? If there is any apprehension, nerves, or tension (that’s all fine by the way) simply go back and shrink the habit a little more until you feel comfortable.
  8. Set up an accountability system – invite trusted, close friends and/or family to help keep you focused and accountable. Also, consider using the Strength and Nutrition with IBD’s Facebook. page
  9. Use outcome-based decision making to assess how well the habit worked and plan next steps – remember the question from Habit 19, “how’s that working for me?” Keep using that as you progress for better results.  

Try this:

Use the above list as a framework to begin your process of improving habits. Write out your answers. Review them and share them on the Facebook group page.

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