Habit Coaching: How to eat slowly

I admit it, telling people to practice healthy nutrition habits is not revolutionary.

99.9% of the world understands that eating greasy fast-food, drinking late at night, and living in a constant state of stress is not the recipe for a healthy lifestyle.

It’s easy for someone as a coach to simply say, “you should eat egg whites and completely cut-out all fast-foods”.

Cool, that coaching job is done. Rinse and repeat and the client should be in incredible shape in just a few weeks.

So if 99.9% of the world understands what they should do why are so many people frustrated and continually looking for a reliable, real resource?

Maybe because they are just being told what to do buy aren’t actually being coached through the entire process?

That’s where “habit coaching” comes into play.

Let’s use the example of a incredibly helpful habit: Eat slowly

You could be told all day long to “eat slower” but what if you had no context of what that actually meant or what eating slowly actually looked or felt like?

That’s where “habit coaching” comes into play.

How to eat slowly *

At each meal today, take a few extra minutes to simply… pause. (Here’s where your “make time” habit comes in handy.)

Put your utensils down between each bite. Take a breath.

When you take a bite, notice — and enjoy — the taste and texture of the food.

Then put down those utensils again, and take another breath. Or a sip of water.


Wait a few more moments before picking up your utensils again.


That’s it.

Again, this may not be revolutionary for you. But imagine what could happen if you had two weeks to practice this one habit?

  • Do you think that you’d improve at the skill of eating slowly?
  • Do you think that you’d gain valuable info and feedback about your own body and how it feels to eat slowly?
  • Do you think that you’d feel better?

Give it a try for the next few weeks and let me know.

* info taken from my new online nutrition coaching program powered by Precision Nutrition’s ProCoach

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