Mindset Habit #14: Write a Better Story

Depending on where you are at with your IBD (recently diagnosed to having lived with it for 20+ years) you may have varying levels of connection to your IBD story.

Sometimes this connection can be helpful if your story is about overcoming challenges or finding a newfound appreciation for life or how your IBD helped bring you and loved ones closer.

However, if your story is focused on the pain, the frustration, the feeling of loss because of IBD then this habit might be important for you.

Consider how attached you are to your story of living with your IBD.

  • Do you have a response practically memorized when anyone asks you about your IBD?
  • Are you more connected to your story of what life was like in the past before IBD?
  • Are you tied to what that initial diagnosis period felt like, practically living in that pained stated perpetually, even when you are not experiencing a flare?

Personally, I noticed that my story included a lot of fear and worry about what might happen if I had another flare? While I went years before my only flare I basically spent every day preparing for and worrying about it happening. It was as if a flare was happening in my mind – even if my gut felt fine.

While I’m aware of the possibility of another flare, I’ve improved my story. I created a new story – that has me living better – and not worrying as much about a flare happening.

This may take practice but I simply ask you to consider what story you are telling yourself. If we have to tell ourselves a story about IBD set one up where you are the lead character, the star, the hero of your own story, and victorious with your IBD.

Try this:

Get creative with re-writing your IBD story. See what your new story looks like with you as the lead role, victorious with your IBD.

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