Mindset Habit #2: Ask Yourself, “What if”

Ask yourself, “what if”

What if…

  • there is a way to feel better?
  • there is a way to eat better?
  • there is a way to move better?

No matter where you are starting from there is a possibility of finding improvement. Some of the habits and exercises may be difficult but what if some of them are easy, what if some of the skills you can learn and practice help you feel better?

You don’t need to have the answers to these questions right now. Simply pose these questions to yourself. Then sit back and relax.

We simply want to create a higher level of possibility in your current situation. Asking yourself questions like these helps get the ball rolling and produces space for answers to come in the near future.

Try this:

Ask yourself, “what if I was able to feel, eat, and move better?” What would that look like to you?

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