Mindset Habit #23: Manage Your Stress Web

High stress is linked to lower levels of health. Add living with IBD and we are at even greater threat to our well-being and health when stress levels are not understood, repurposed, and properly managed.

I feared stress (and basically was stressed out about stress) when I read that stress could trigger IBD flares in certain people. What I came to understand was that stress would never go away completely. Instead, I needed to better understand stress and use it in a positive way in order to help improve my life with IBD.

Use this below Stress Web from Precision Nutrition to gain clarity on stress in your life.

by Precision Nutrition. Learn more about this approach in my online coaching program.

Try this:

Color in each wedge with how strongly each particular stressor is affecting you right now. The more you color in, the more stress you have in that domain.

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