Nutrition Habit #30: Link Your Actions to Your Goals

I lost over 50 pounds from my IBD symptoms during my diagnosis. My goal then was to regain that weight. To do that I needed to eat more foods that helped me feel better and move more.

Once I was able to properly eat and digest foods after my diagnosis I was quickly able to regain about 15-20 pounds of weight in about 4-5 weeks. But then my weight gain stalled. Iā€™m naturally thin, what is described as an ectomorph, so adding weight and muscle can be a little challenging.

In order to get back to my goal I needed to assess my situation and practice a few key habits.

  1. I made sure I got plenty of rest and quality sleep.
  2. I ate breakfast each morning.
  3. I found healthy protein, carbs, and fats that were nutrient dense and worked with my gut.
  4. I added healthy and nutritious shakes that added calories to my meals.
  5. I utilized a few researched and high-quality supplements that worked with my gut.
  6. I managed stress levels.
  7. I practiced all the above as much – and as best – as I could.

A few months later I had regained those last pounds, and then some!

Track your eating behavior for at least 3 days (ideally 7). You can simply write down what you eat on a piece of paper, you can take a picture with your phone, or you can even use one of the numerous apps that can help you track food intake.

Whatever method you choose make sure that it works with and for you ā€“ that it is pretty simple and easy to maintain for at least 3 days.

Try this:

List your healthy nutrition behaviors that you are currently practicing ā€“ even if it is just one or something that seems simple (simple is better than complicated). Keep this list handy for the next habit.

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