Nutrition Habit #31: “Big Logs” or “Low Hanging Fruits”

At this point in the book you should have some good information about yourself. How you feel and how you practice good nutrition. You might have started to notice a few trends and possible discoveries about yourself.

With that information I’m guessing that there may be a specific habit you’d like to improve upon or begin to work on. Go about that improvement by picking one of the options below.

  1. Remove the “big log” first – what is the one habit change that you can do that would have the biggest impact on your health and nutrition?


  • Start with the “low hanging fruit” – what is the one habit change that would be the simplest and easiest to change right now?

Your personality, and the option above that resonates more with you, will guide your choice here. There is no “right answer”, simply pick the one that feels right to you today.

Some people like to remove the “big log” right off the bat. That’d be something like going from eating fast foods 5 times each week to only eating organic foods every day.

Others are more comfortable with starting off with the “low hanging fruit” or easiest habit to change, like replacing a decent habit with something just a little bit healthier. For example, instead of eating a generic, sugary bowl of cereal with milk you could easily replace that with an organic cereal and blueberries with almond milk. You’re already eating the cereal but this time it’s a little healthier.

You can’t make an incorrect choice here. Both options are great. Go with the one that feels right to you.

Try this: Decide between the “big log” or the “low hanging fruit”. Then adjust your actions accordingly. Reach out on Facebook if you’re feeling stuck.

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