Nutrition Habit #32: Behavior > Outcome Goals

It’s important to mention that ultimately I had very little control over how much weight I was to regain. I knew what weight I wanted to be at (175 lbs seemed like a great number for me). But when I weighed a 125 lbs there was very little I could do to control that outcome.

However, for the most part I was able to control my behaviors.  Each day I had much more control over when, how, what I ate than whether or not I’d ultimately weigh 175 lbs or 172 lbs or 168.4 lbs.

The interesting thing was that when I started focusing more on improving the nutrition habits that I could control the outcome (weighing a certain weight on the scale) became less important.

Ultimately I’ve happily settled in around 165-170 pounds for a few years now. I do know that if I’d like my clothes to fit a little tighter, aka gain more weight, there are a few basic behaviors I need to do:

  • Eat more quality foods.
  • Get good rest.
  • Practice stress management.
  • Have fun workouts.

Those are behaviors that I have much more control over.  The nice result is that the outcome usually takes care of itself and I find myself hardly preoccupied by some arbitrary number on a scale now.

Try this:

What behaviors are helping you get closer to your current goal? Can you do more of that behavior? What would that look like?

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