Nutrition Habit #40: Learn To Cook 1 Meal

I’m a big fan of finding the simplest ways to improve. Usually, it is simpler – and easier – to replace a habit than it is to add or eliminate a habit. So when it comes to food – which is a vital aspect of our lives with IBD – and something that can be potentially frustrating and confusing, I offer up this habit.

Learn how to cook, something. It doesn’t need to be fancy. It can be the same meal you order out at your favorite restaurant. Just practice making it yourself at home now.

I found this habit especially helpful because I was spending so much money shopping at Whole Foods. I felt that they offered the healthiest, safest foods for me but that also meant I was spending most of my income there! Cooking just 1 more meal each week will be helpful.

Play around with the basics like chicken and a vegetable you do well with. Learn what seasonings work best for you (turmeric is incredibly healthy and adds great flavor to something as simple as white rice).

Good results usually happen when you are directly responsible for preparing and creating a meal yourself. Your meal usually is:

  • healthier
  • better tasting
  • more appreciated and valued
  • an opportunity to gather friends and family to enjoy a shared meal

Try this:

Pick 1 recipe you’d like to try making on your own. Enjoy the process of cooking it yourself. Try it out a few times to see how you improve on it.

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