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Another Snatch Test – August 16, 2012

What makes up a great training session? Probably depends on who you ask. It could be how much you were worked – how many reps of xyz exercise you did. Maybe it could be the amount of weight you lifted, how much you sweated during the workout, or simply how destroyed you feel afterwards. I would like to add another way to measure a great training session:

  • how much pre-workout excitement you feel before the session

I noticed this feeling today on my way to the gym for my noon training session. As I get closer to the gym a little voice in the back of my head asks, “How hard is this training going to be today?” Honestly, there is usually a little sense of apprehension. I’m excited to train but sometimes that voice makes me think about how challenging the day’s session will be. For a second or two I find myself asking, “can I do this again today?”…”will I make it through without being quitting?”

Then I hear another voice answer back, “Yes, it may be tough but you’ll get through it. You’ll get stronger again today – just like you did yesterday.”

That’s when I start to get excited about the day’s training session. I start to wonder what the exercise breakdown will be for the day.

  • Will I set another PR again?
  • Will I be able to improve on my technique even more today?
  • Will that exercise that felt heavy last week feel light and solid today?

I start to feel an extra boost of energy that is preparing me for whatever the day’s challenge will be…and I love that feeling. I feel like whatever is thrown at me – in and out of the gym – I’ll be able to handle somehow. And if life is any parallel to the gym I’ll be able to more than just handle it.

I’ll be able to make the day another success.

“Success is the progressive realization of a worthly ideal”

~Earl Nightingale

Getting closer to 100 snatches in 5 minutes has been a real-world application of this definition. Today I got more snatches in 5 minutes than I did last time – got about 90 I think (lost count after 75)

Either way I know that I am on track for next week’s test. And that makes me feel even more excited and eager to find more success.

~With Strength and Nutrition

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