RKC and IBD: 12 Days in 4 Years

Felt it Today – August 14, 2012

Made it up to the gym again today for another solid workout. Started the training with Turkish Getups and trap bar deadlifts for progressively heavier sets.

  • 24kg 1/1
  • 225lbs
  • 28kg 1/1
  • 275lbs
  • 32kg 1/1
  • 275lbs

A few months ago this would have been a max effort day and I would probably have called it a day after these 2 exercises. I just realized how far I have come since I signed up for the RKC…and since I was first diagnosed with IBD.

Being diagnosed with a chronic disease 4 years ago was something that totally changed my life. Suddenly I had very little certainty in my life. Every bite of food felt like a huge leap of faith – “would this apple make me sick?”, “will I feel sick after eating this rice?”

Not the most fun was to live.

But like a tough workout the body will figure a way to get through it. And like any tough workout success is determined by your mindset before you even begin. Decide before you even step up to the weight that you will nail that rep.

I had to decide that I would no longer live in fear of food and that I would somehow gain control over my health, body, and strength once again.

So 4 years ago I decided that I was going to get healthy and strong again…and then suddenly I was nailing a 32kg Turkish Getup.

Funny how life works sometimes

~With Strength and Nutrition

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