RKC and IBD: 24-21 Days to Go

Playing Catch Up – August 2 to August 5, 2012

I feel guilty to admit this but I let the last few days get away from me. I let one day slide by and before I knew it there were 4 days of catching up!

So let’s get to it and back on track:

Thursday August 2, 2012

Taught a 6am bootcamp class.

Worked on the business the rest of the morning – admin items, emails, marketing info, etc, etc

Taught the 6pm bootcamp class also.

Missed a day training with kettlebells/said I was going to “recover” from the day before’s 100 snatch finisher. Could have trained and would have been fine.

Learned that limitations (physical) are 99.9% of the time self-imposed…working to eliminate them (limitations)

Friday August 3, 2012

My 9:30am clients aren’t feeling well so we took the day off from training again. My morning was fairly clear and I used it to catch up on some emails, eat/relax, and watch some Olympics.

Got back to Ambition Athletics again for the noon group class.

Discovered the hidden bicep training effect of walking with a kettlebell in goblet position then into a goblet reverse lunge. “Sun’s out – guns out!” right 🙂

Also discovered the not so hidden challenge/benefit of swinging a 48kg bell during a 3 minute “finisher” …It’s tough…You feel everything working (especially relief once it’s over)

Enjoyed being pushed outside my comfort zone and realizing that I am really the only thing holding myself back from achieving anything.

Saturday August 4, 2012

Not sure why but I really needed to sleep in this morning. No IBD concerns really, just very tired. Felt like I needed the extra sleep to prevent any adverse reactions.

Unfortunately that meant that I missed the morning brick training with TC Tri. There was a swim-run practice scheduled for this morning.

Spent most of the day eating (scrambled eggs with avocado and organic bacon to start) then relaxing again watching more Olympics.

Was pleased that I was able to train/practice with the 24kg kettlebell.

Went outside and spent 20 minutes on mobility work/overall warmup.

Did 3 rounds of snatches – 10/10 per arm (60 total)

Overhead Medicine Ball toss – 4 rounds of 5 throws with 10lb ball

Finished with 4 sprints ~60 yards.

Happy to end the day feeling better than when I started

Sunday August 5, 2012

Was very excited to teach a new class this morning. I was asked to teach a “Tune Up” class for a group doing a 21 days-in-a-row workout challenge. It consisted of a lot of mobility, stability, and corrective exercise drills. Being FMS certified this was right up my alley. The class went great and everyone really enjoyed the change of pace.

Pretty much took the rest of the day to eat/ relax, spend time with my girlfriend, and actually got to the beach.

Pretty fun stuff.

During the afternoon I realized that in 3 weeks I would be taking (and passing) the RKC. I was nervous and excited! The preparation for this has been fun, intense, and challenging…and awesome. Working towards this goal has been more than I expected when I first signed up. I am going to be tested on my physical ability – I knew that. However, the amount of mental focus and preparation that has gone into this has been a pleasant surprise. I practice passing the 5 minute snatch test in my mind often. I imagine what it will feel like to pass this test…the sights, sounds, and emotions.

So far it has all been great inside my mind…and if I can achieve it there then I know I can achieve it in 21 days!

~With Strength and Nutrition

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