RKC and IBD: 25 Days – 100 Snatches

100 Snatches – August 1, 2012

My schedule opened up today to basically give me the day off from the gym. No training sessions, no clients – surprise mid-week day off. I thought about sleeping in (at least pass 8am), going to the beach, or maybe even the horse races.

I went to a 9am kettlebell class.

This is what I like to do – on “work days” and days off. I still view a workout as a luxury, as something I get to do! Anyone that has gone through IBD knows how much control it can take on your body. Sometimes no matter how motivated or excited you are the body just won’t allow it.

So, while not having these thoughts in my conscious today, I was eager and excited for my training session today. My body felt strong. My grip was solid on pullups and heavy kettlebell swings. I moved with an easy strength today.

So much so that at the end of the training I decided to progress from the single arm heavy swings (40kg) that I had planned to snatches.

100 snatches with the 24kg bell.

I realized that I had actually never done 100 in one day. Felt a little upset by that. So today I made up my mind to get 100. I didn’t put a time frame on it. I know that the RKC test will be 5 minutes but today the goal became 100 snatches.

I got 100.

Think the breakdown went like this:

  • 15/15 (left arm then right arm)
  • 10/10
  • Rest
  • 10/10
  • Rest
  • 10/10
  • Rest
  • 5/5

The rest periods will be eliminated and I’ll get 100 without putting the bell down.

But for today I felt pretty good knowing that I did 100 snatches!

~With Strength and Nutrition

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