RKC and IBD: 29 Days to RKC

Team Challenge training – July 28, 2012

So when I signed up for the RKC that one night I had already comitted to doing a sprint distance triathlon called TriRock with Team Challenge here in San Diego on September 9th. I raced in the event last year and really enjoyed the change of pace – it was the first real endurance event I had ever participated in. I knew that the RKC was going to be a few weeks prior to the race. When I signed up for the RKC I underestimated the amount of physical training and commitment to building strength that it would require. At times the training for the sprint triathlon (running, swimming, and biking for distance) feel in conflict with the requirements I need to pass the RKC snatch test. There have been times when the two training methods seem in conflict. I have increased my muscle mass through my kettlebell training classes. I have also learned that more muscle, or too little bodyfat, can make swimming a more challenging endeavor. However, I now know that I’ll gladly live with more muscle and accept that swimming will be a bigger challenge. It has been a real life lesson in understanding the difficulty with having multiple, or different, goals at the same time and expecting great success in both. Preparing to snatch a 24kg for 100 reps in under 5 minutes is very different from preparing for a fast race in a sprint triathlon. While I do feel that my cardio endurance and running ability has improved from doing high reps of kettlebell swings and 5 minute intervals of battle ropes, I know that ultimately I can only succeed at one goal right now.

With this outlook I have taken a slightly revised method of training for the triathlon. It is in fact a fundraising event for the Crohn’s and Colitis Association of America and not the Kona Ironman World Championship. I still want to better my time from last year and finish the race feeling healthy and strong. With this as my focus when it comes to triathlon training I have made a conscious effort to keep each triathlon practice at a relatively easy level. I still swim every Tuesday night – I just might go slower than normal or take a little more rest sometimes. I’ll still run and bike with the team on Saturdays – I simply make sure to leave something in the tank with each training and focus on being ready to push a little harder on the actual race day. I am lucky because Team Challenge has a great USA Triathlon certified coach named Skip Slade that knows I am training for the RKC and understands my training requirements right now.

So today’s Team Challenge brick training session was at Fiesta Island where we biked, then ran, and repeated that 3 times. We practiced transitioning from the bike to the run. Honestly, it was more like practicing going from the bike to the quick walk for me today. I would walk then jog/run for a few minutes then walk back to the staging area. In total I biked 9.87 miles today and probably ran a little over 1.5 miles.

Nothing earth-shattering but definitely a day’s practice that helped me get closer to completing the TriRock sprint triathlon in September while not detracting from all the hardwork I’ve put into for the RKC. And then I spent the rest of Saturday relaxing, eating, and watching the olympics! Overall, a pretty great day.

~With Strength and Nutrition

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