Trying Too Hard

When I was in college I subscribed to popular fitness magazines. Every month I’d get articles, tips, and advice on important health and fitness topics. Each month I’d implement something new. I have the best intentions but quickly I found myself doing 2 hour long workouts to accommodate all the new information. On top of that I was walking around the grocery store with a shopping list a mile long because I just had to be up on the newest health food and supplements.

There are countless workout and nutritional programs on the market these days. Some are great, some good, some bad. But what do you think is the best one?

The one you aren’t currently doing!


(at least that’s how it feels right?)

The “grass is always greener” mentality in the fitness world is rampant. And with the amount and speed of new programs coming out these days we could start a new program daily. After a year you’d have started dozens and dozens of programs, finished none…and have very little to show for it! We have to ask ourselves,

Are We Trying Too Hard to be Fit & Healthy?

  • Strength training vs. Bodybuilding?
  • CrossFit, Body weight training,  or Powerlifting?
  • Spinning or Pilates?
  • Yoga or walking?
  • HIIT or Olympic lifts?
  • and we haven’t even discussed nutrition yet!!

All of the above can be great. But not if you are trying to include everything all at once!

So to not contradict my main point of this article and give you a ton of things to do in the hopes of doing less here is ONE thing that you can do now:

  • Remember That You Have Everything You Need Inside You to be Healthy and Happy! – Yes, we must treat our bodies with love and take care of our health and fitness. But you do not need to add the newest, most hardcore workout program. It is not the lack of a supplement that is stalling your progress. It is not adding old-school training techniques with the most cutting-edge nutritional research available that is getting in your way. End all the confusion and contradictory ideas. Do less. Enjoy simplicity. Get results.

A popular line from the sales industry states that “A confused mind says no”. When we give a potential customer too many options to process their mind basically can’t process it all and just says no. If this is the case why are we doing this to our bodies?

When in doubt keep it simple, smile, and just have some fun.

That’s not too complicated.

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