3 Sets of Exercise Bands

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Online Nutrition Coaching

Part client-management software, part behavior-change coaching tool, ProCoach provides the all-in-one solution you need to build a highly profitable nutrition coaching business—whether full time or on the side.

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Become Better with IBD

Discover simple and effective habits that can help you feel, eat, & move better with your IBD

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This is where behavior-change coaching comes in. And these are the challenges ProCoach was designed to help you solve.

ProCoach provides the built-in resources you need to help clients develop the nutrition, movement, sleep, stress, and change skills that lead to lasting health and body transformation.

IBD Books

Living with IBD can be difficult. “Better with IBD” wants to help you navigate this challenge with a road map to help you craft your “owner’s manual” for living better with IBD. This book helps you answer your questions about how to improve your life with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD). You’ll discover 52 habits that anyone living with IBD can practice to improve mindset, nutrition, and movement.