Do you want to fEEL, EAT, & Move better?


Researched, principle-based methods to help you improve your mindset, nutrition, and movement.


Believe in the ability to recover & thrive. Believe in the power of your mind. Believe in the practice of gratitude. Believe in self-compassion and love.


I do not prescribe 1 specific diet approach. Instead I focus on “best practices” for your needs. I go about that by reverse engineering what your body needs for your situation and goal. I then coach you on the most important habit to practice that will achieve that goal.


I believe that we are designed to be strong and move comfortably. These qualities are necessary for optimal performance in our daily lives. Being able to move properly is key. Once proper movement patterns are instilled the body will thrive.

FAQs about online nutrition coaching


Everything here is designed to help you improve your nutrition and regain strength. After losing both due to an IBD diangosis, I understand the importance of strength and nutrition. The "how" of recovering both can be confusing. That is the challenge I help you improve.
We'll focus on the art of improvement.

Strength and Nutrition focuses on fundamentally helping you feel, eat and move better. I provide a complete plan – designed for you – that will take you through every step of the way on the path toward achieving your personal goals. One size does not fit all! Everyone has specific goals and a specific body. I focus on customized results using an unique program based on proven methods and modalities. Using my experience, education, and unique approach I use an online training plan designed to help anyone recover strength and movement. You’ll discover how simple, safe, and effective movements along with practical nutrition habits will help reconnect your body and health to regain your strength and ability to live healthier again.


    I have lost and regained over 30 pounds on two separate occassions due to IBD


    Learning from some of the best in fitness and nutrition

  • empathy

    I understand your pain and challenges. You're dealing with a lot of stuff right now

  • Complete

    In that I see the whole you and understand that a lot can go into feeling better

YOUR support TEAM

Collectively there are thousands of supporters behind everything I teach, perform, and do. You will benefit from this network of knowledge, talent, and experience. Together we'll "reverse engineer" what the best in the world do to help you achieve the best results possible.
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SDSU Certificate in Spirituality, Health and Healing
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Precision Nutrition Coach, Level 1 & 2; Online Coaching Platform “ProCoach” powered by Pn
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RKC & FMS Certified
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