RKC and IBD: 9 Days

Friday Light – August 17, 2012

The heat streak here in San Diego has continued through today. The effect has carried over into today’s training session. While we were still able to get a complete group workout in, many of the exercises were adjusted for the heat and the week’s long training effect. Sometimes the measure of a quality coach is based upon what he/she does not ask you to do. While we scaled down the overall amount of sets and exercises the ones that were completed still created a strong training effect.

We could have easily been destroyed, crushed, beating down…or whatever else is the popular word to describe a killer workout now. Sometimes a great workout is one that doesn’t really seem like much at the time. It quietly moves you through the training session – letting one move build upon another, and before you are even aware it is over. You leave feeling strong – not beat down. You want to (and are physically able to) come back again the next day.

Friday’s training will not go down in history as the greatest workout of all time…but it was exactly the right training session at the right time.

And that is something to remember.

~With Strength and Nutrition

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