Mindset Habit #20: Control What You Can Control

Living with IBD can teach us that major aspects of life (like our health) can be outside of our control at times. While we may not be in complete control of our health we can control more than what we may believe.

Perform this exercise and you can discover that it will be more important to focus on what you can control and easier to let go of things that you cannot.

  1. Draw three concentric circles.
  • label the smallest circle “total control”
  • label the middle circle “some control”
  • label the outer circle “no control”
  1. Now start filling in the circles with answers to the following questions:
  • What in your life do you have total control over?
  • What do you have some control over?
  • What do you have no control over?

Try this:

Complete and review your diagram. Test your evidence for each one.

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