Movement Habit #52+: The “IBD Grad Workout”

Having a goal and target to shoot for helps provide motivation. Without a “finish line” to reach it becomes too easy to stop moving and exercising. That is why I created this “IBD Grad Workout” for you to use as your target goal.

Using the following exercises and repetitions as your new movement standards will give you guidance and accountability. Use this workout as a way to measure your improvements and gauge your progress.

The ultimate goal is to complete the entire workout in 1 workout session

CORE – Repeat #1-3 for 3 rounds then move on to Upper Body exercises

1 Dead-bugs: perform 10 repetitions per side.

2. Rolling: perform 5 repetitions per side.

3. Three-point Bridge: be able to hold position for 10 seconds per side.

UPPER BODY – Repeat #4-5 for 2 rounds then move on to Lower Body exercises

4. Push up Hold / Tall Plank: 15 seconds for men. 10 seconds for women.

5. Row: body angled at 45° from suspension training device (rings, TRX, etc) 10 reps for men. 8 reps for women.

LOWER BODY – Repeat #6-7 for 2 rounds then move on to Skill & Endurance exercises

6. Body weight “swings”: 15 reps

7. Body weight squats:  10 reps

SKILL & ENDURANCE – Set timer for 5 minutes and practice #8 then perform #9

8. Get up off the ground – achieved when able to perform without hands touching the ground for support.

9. One (1) mile walk – untimed, completed without rest.

Remember to go at your pace and simply mark off each movement as you achieve it. If it takes you 1 day, 1 week, 1 month or 1 year the goal is to keep at it and make steady, sustainable progress towards this goal.

Try this:

Pick your approach to this habit.

1:  achieve mastery of each exercise over time (think months of practice instead of instant gratification).

2: complete the grad workout in one training session (think days/weeks of practice). Either approach can work – keep working on your progress with these movements!

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