Nutrition Habit #28: Slow Down

Simply put, eat slower. Easy to say but this can be a challenging – yet very impactful – habit to practice.

First, simply be aware of how you eating today.

Did you practically inhale that meal? Did you finish your plate without any recollection or awareness of actually eating? This can actually be very common.

But when we slow down and become more aware of what – and how – we are eating many things improve.

  • Digestion can improve.
  • Nutrient absorption tends to improve.
  • Mind-body connections grow stronger.
  • Our relationship with foods can become healthier.
  • We can gain a better understanding of why we eat what we eat.
  • Overall body composition, health, and wellness tend to improve.

It sounds too simple to be true.  All I ask is that you give it a try. And for extra help check out the Resources section “The Hunger Game” worksheet provided for you.

Try this:

For the next few days simply become more aware of how you eat – fast, slow, tense, relaxed, etc.  You do not even need to change a thing – just notice how you eat. If you find you may be able to eat slower then give it a shot when you have the most free time, maybe dinner, to enjoy a slower paced meal.

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