RKC and IBD: 26 Days till RKC

A Busy Tuesday – July 31, 2012

We all have those days that start planned out and organized then when the days over you’re left wondering, “how did the whole day go by without getting anything done?”

That was how today felt. I was in the gym at 8am working on information for a nutrition coaching client before we had a our session. Then suddenly it was 11pm. Weird, right…

It’s not like I was lying on my couch all day. I did stuff. It’s just that while I was doing stuff I felt distracted and was focusing on all the other things I thought I needed to do. Not the best recipe for a relaxed mind and for being “in the moment”.

While the day may have felt a bit crazy I was actually able to get some kettlebell training in. Right before my 5:30pm outdoor fitness group class I managed to find a few minutes for some practice.

  • 1/2 Kneeling and Open 1/2 Kneeling hip flexor stretches with reach
  • Turkish Getups with the 24kg 1/1 on each side
  • Single Arm Swings – 24kg 15/15 on each side for 3 rounds
  • Single Arm Press – 24kg 3/3 on each side for 2 rounds
  • Total time = maybe  10 minutes

Again, nothing to write home about…but definitely something that I can hang my hat on and say “at least I got some practice in today”. That feels a whole lot better than doing nothing.

Also, Tuesday nights have been the swim practices for my triathlon in September. I have usually had a difficult time with the swim. If the race was 50 meters I’d be all set. However, something seems to happen with my breathing (it becomes difficult) once I go any farther. It’s something I’ve been working on – feeling like you’re about to drown isn’t pleasant.

Something happened that made today’s swim go better than usual. Before we began I asked myself, “how would I swim if I was a really great swimmer?” and I left it at that. I didn’t try to analyze the technique or breakdown the science of a Olympic level swimmer’s stroke. I just asked a question and let my brain figure it out.

What happened was that I swam with more ease and grace than before…and I had fun!

I’m not going to break any world records in the pool but having fun, enjoying the moment, and feeling improvement made all the difference.

Guess I got more done today than I thought.

~With Strength and Nutrition

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