Movement Habit #52: IBD Endurance Flow

Entry Level Endurance

  1. Race and Chase RMT® Rope drills  – overhand and underhand, work up to 45 seconds of continuous movement using RMT Rope or jump rope
  2. Head Over Foot™ walks – go for time or distance; 30 seconds of smooth continuous movement practice OR go for distance of 50 ft
  3. Mimed kettlebell swings – perform a kettlebell swing without a weight. Use interval sets. Set a timer and perform the weightless swings for 00:15 seconds at a comfortable pace. Rest for 00:30 seconds. 1 set = 00:45 seconds. Work up to 5 sets taking as much rest as needed between sets.

Visit for more info and video demonstrations

Intermediate Level Endurance

  • Crawling for time* – use same interval set breakdown from #3 Mimed kettlebell swings.
  • Hill walks (small incline ~3%) – walk at your brisk pace for 50 ft. Shoot for 5 – 10 sets.
  • Distance walks – at your comfortable pace walk without stopping for a .50 to 1.0 mile.

Advanced Level Endurance

  • High rep body weight squats – perform bodyweight squats for 10 – 15 reps. Shoot for 3-5 reps.
  • Weighted Goblet Carry **
  • Skipping-to-sprints  –  up to 50 ft for 5-10 reps

*Crawling Progressions, easiest to more challenging:

  • in place, hands elevated – 30 seconds
  • in place, knees on ground – 30 seconds
  • in  place, knees off ground – 30 seconds
  • moving forward/backward – 30 seconds

**Weighted Goblet Carry Goals:

  • Men, be able to carry a weight that is 20% of overall body weight for 50 ft.
  • Women, be able to carry a weight that is 15% of overall body weight for 50 ft.

Try this:

Start with the Entry Level Endurance Exercises. Smoothly transition between #1 thru #3. Once you can perform 3 rounds under 10 minutes progress onto Intermediate Exercises. Once you can perform 3 rounds of #4 thru #6 under 10 minutes, progress to the Advanced Exercises. Give yourself adequate time to obtain the progressions.

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