Mindset Habit #26: Look Back, Look Forward

The first part of this habit means that you should spend some time reviewing the first 25 habits so far.

Think about:

  • What was useful to you? Why?
  • What was challenging? Why?
  • What was new?
  • What was familiar?
  • What did you struggle with? Why? What is it like to revisit that material now?
  • What were the most important lessons to you in your own practice? Why?
  • What things will you save for reference and return to later?

Each emotional and mindset based habit so far was designed to be manageable and very “do-able” for anyone at any stage of life with their IBD.

Going forward we hope for improved mindset, nutrition, and movement. In the future that will be unique and specific to each individual.

Think about:

  • What interested you — and what might you like to pursue further?
  • What was missing — and where might you find out more?
  • What new direction has this book inspired — and how might you go in those directions?
  • What are your “next steps” and “action plan”?

Try this:

Give yourself the time and space to “look back, look forward” at where you were and how you felt in the past. Now see yourself in the near future – where do you want to go? How do you want to feel while you live – and thrive – with your IBD?

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