Movement Habit #50: Ground-based IBD Movement Flow

From the ground Focus on
1. Side to side rolls

(3-5 per side)

In one piece, roll from right to left side then from left to right side. Use your eyes to look in the direction that you want to move
2. Getup to elbow

(1-3 per side)

From your back, as your roll to left side use your left elbow to push down into the ground to help prop your torso off the ground. Hips stay on the ground. Repeat on other side
3. Deadbug

(3-5 per side)

From your back, arms point to the sky, knees are both in 90 degrees with feet off the ground. Reach left arm as you extend right leg – keep lower back pushed into the ground throughout the movement. Repeat other side
From seated to hands & knees       Focus on
4. 90/90 flow

(~20 seconds/side)

While seating, arrange both legs with knees bent about 90 degrees. Rotate upper body gently towards forward leg. Repeat on other side.
5. 4-way Cat & Cow

(~15 seconds/side=1 minute)

From a “hands and knee” starting position, gently round and arch your spine. Reset and gently bend your upper body side to side, looking over your right shoulder to see your right foot then repeat on other side. Fluid, not forced, is the focus here.
6. Bird-dog

(3-5 per side)

From a “hands and knee” starting position, with hands under shoulders and knees under hips, brace your core then slowly reach right arm as your extend left leg. Repeat on other side.
From ½ Kneeling position       Focus on
7. Eye drills

(5 turns/per direction)

From the starting position, keep eyes focused on a small object while rotating head from side to side, then up and down. ? and ? Switch knees and repeat.
8. Open hip flexor stretch

(3-5 per side)

From the starting position, perform a gentle weight shift with knee tracking over the foot.
9. “Hovers”

(3-5 per side)

From the starting position, open front leg out to the side, perform a “hip hinge” – shifting body weight into the down hip. Inhale and brace while keeping torso rigid and strong. Your down hand will be able to “hover” just a few inches off the ground.

Try this:

Practice the following moves/exercises #1-9 at a comfortable pace. Rest when you need to rest. Do more if/when you feel capable.

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